Avoid the Seven Mistakes

How to Avoid the 7 Huge Mistakes You Could Make With Your Senior Portraits

Mistake #1 Choosing a studio with no guarantee.

Choose a photographer who GUARANTEES THAT YOU WILL LOVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHS AND WHO GUARANTEES YOU WILL HAVE FUN - and who will give you ALL your money back, if you aren't! Your Double Guarantee of Excellence You'll have a FUN and STRESS-FREE session!! I also guarantee that your portraits will be the BEST photographs you've ever had taken in your life or you'll get all your money back. In fact you'll even receive $25 in gas money for your time! Ask the other photographers you are considering about their guarantee--listen to their reaction. That will tell you if you want to trust your portraits to that photographer.

Mistake #2 Wearing the wrong clothing.

Most people don't know what really photographs well. Well, I know. That's my job. And I'm really good at helping you select the best clothing for your photographs - clothing that will help you look your very best. For example, the wrong clothing can make you look 22 pounds heavier and the right clothing can make you look 22 pounds lighter. That's up to a 44 pound difference in the way you look in your photographs! 44 pounds!!! Clothing makes a HUGE difference in this area, and I'm going to help you make sure your clothing is really perfect!

Mistake #3 Not having all your portraits retouched.

Be sure that your photographer is going to carefully ENHANCE all your finished portraits - and do it to perfection! ASK! In my opinion, a portrait that is not professionally enhanced is NOT A PORTRAIT! It's just a "picture". You deserve better than that! I honestly care about how you will look and will do everything in my power to help you look incredible so all your friends will really be impressed! There will be no blemishes on the finished portraits!

Mistake #4 Choosing a photographer that doesn't have a studio.

Look for a photographer who creates beautiful outdoor images and has a studio too. If not, your photographs will be something missing (besides no variety). You will be missing beautiful, timeless studio photographs. There are things you can do in the studio that just can't be created outside. In the studio you can control the light and create depth and drama. You can't do that outside in full sun.

Mistake #5 Being rushed through your session.

Most seniors don't realize that it takes longer then 30 minutes to create outstanding portraits. One of the unique things that separates me from all the other photographers in the area, is that I take the time to create portraits that you will be proud of. Photographs that your friends and relatives will really like! Because I offer UNLIMITED clothing changes, I allow up to TWO hours for your session!! No other studio will do this for you!!

Mistake #6 Bad lighting.

Seniors (and an awful lot of photographers) don't realize how important light is in photography. The wrong light, and the wrong direction of light can add up to 20 pounds to you and bring out your worst features! Light is equally important for outdoor portraits! Many photographers just use a flash on their camera. This is quick and easy but it flattens your facial features and isn't flattering (especially for women). I either use a reflector or an off camera flash which looks more natural and is more flattering. It takes a little more time-- but it's worth it!

Mistake #7 Stiff and unnatural poses.

The most important word when it comes to posing is "NATURAL". You absolutely don't want to look stiff and fake! One of the most common comments I hear from seniors is how "natural" their portraits look. So look at the photographs done by any photographer you're considering selecting. Do they look natural, or do they look "posed" or stiff?.

How can YOU avoid these 7 mistakes??

  • Ask lots of questions when you're talking with photographers. Remember, you are the customer!
  • Ask about their guarantee and see how they respond. Do you get all your money back or just part of it?
  • Do they remove any and all blemishes you might have from the finished portraits?
  • Ask for testimonials from other seniors that you can read.
  • Find out how much time they are going to spend with you. And do they do outdoor portraits, as well as indoor portraits.
  • Can you be photographed with your friend, car, truck, ATV or sports stuff at no extra charge?
  • Will they go on location to one of your favorite places to create your photographs?
  • Will you get Black and White, Sepia (brown-toned) poses included at no extra charge?

So What Should You Do Right Now?

Call me at 330-541-6563330-325-0011 and we can talk. You can ask me any questions you may have. We'll see what session times still remain for seniors. Very few senior session times remain the later it gets in the summer.


Paul Floyd
Senior Portrait Specialist

PS. Having your senior portrait taken is such a personal thing, that you want to be sure you choose a photographer who is not only really driven to help you look fantastic, but who you also like and trust. That's why I urge you to read the comments from some of the other seniors I've photographed, and then call me