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Why Choosing a Photographer With a Real Studio Is So Important

Make sure you select a photographer who can give you beautiful IN-STUDIO portraiture in addition to striking outdoor work. I believe studio portraiture has nearly become a lost art form. More and more “photographers” are opting to NOT learn “studio lighting” at all. I provide all my seniors with beautiful in-studio portraits with every session. In my opinion, you deserve it.

In the studio you can control the light to create depth, dimension and drama. You can't always do that outside in full sun. You might be thinking, "but these are just pictures". But are we really talking about just "pictures" or something bigger? We're really talking about documenting a milestone in the life of your son or daughter. We're talking about a legacy. Senior pictures will be a big part of their legacy for generations to come.

Take a Video Tour of the Studio - Click Below!

Paul Floyd Photography - My Studio

Take a Video Tour of the Studio - Click Below!